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Some really near hysterical democrat congresswoman during the Original Hocus Pocus the original mean girls Shirt break was going nuts why why why don t we take dr ford seriously why why do we disrespect dr ford why do we what does that mean on the left what does take her seriously mean who did not take her seriously everybody bent over backwards in fact everybody treated her like she was so fragile that she might crack and break at the slightest little raised voice. I was intimidated at first but because of you I felt encouraged to stand up for my beliefs now I have my own weekly conservative political talk show on my college radio station you have always been one of my biggest inspirations and you are one of the reasons why I m doing what I am today katie pennsylvania. If you wanted to draw a conclusion that the gofundme page is a way to get democrat suckers I e voters to pay for this so that it doesn t cost people who already have a lot of money anything then you could try to make that point that the democrats are using these poor people

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President trump is doing a Original Hocus Pocus the original mean girls Shirt bang up job on the recovery from hurricane florence in north carolina I mean to tell you he s there right now he had an all points meeting today with local and state officials about the plan going forward to facilitate all of the combined efforts of state local and federal to bring this part of the country back. Brian fallon is the executive director of something called we demand justice it is a front group for another liberal big money group called the democracy alliance he tweeted if senate gop ignores dr blasey ford and tries to muscle an attempted rapist onto the supreme court 1 they will pay dearly this november 2 senators up in 2020 collins gardner et al will feel intense heat for next two years 3 kavanaugh will not serve for life that is a veiled threat he didn t add any clarification he will not serve for life what s a reasonable person s initial reaction to that. Senator hirono but really guess who s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions it s the men in this country and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up do the right thing for a change

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So I have withheld what have been fears all day long about flake the minute I got here and found out this vote was gonna take four hours will have four hours of debate prior to it instead of happening at 9 30 and knowing that flake is leaving this is his last term in office knowing that flake at the end of the day still does not like donald trump at all kavanaugh is a Original Hocus Pocus the original mean girls Shirt trump nominee the democrats are now working hard to change him. They re trying to make it look like they are not bullying this woman at all they are not bullying they are not gonna treat her unfairly and they are going to such great lengths to do this that they are not even questioning her they ve hired a prosecutor a female prosecutor sex crimes prosecutor to come in and conduct questions but it is wholly ineffective if you re looking for immediate points scored or immediate gain because you cannot do what she s doing in five minute intervals. I want to share just a few more observations with you and then we get to your phones because they re in a lunch break right now and they ll come back eh probably in 20 minutes or so and resume the media I have done a quick survey during the break here at the top of the hour on the media I don t care where you go you go to fox you go to cnn you go anywhere they think that the republicans are blowing it

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