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Christine blase ford is not gonna show up for the Southernology Carolina strong shirt hearing she hasn’t accepted the invitation to show up for the hearing and yet they moved it. They re-flooding the zone for precisely that reason they are trying to destroy and sully a reputation for the rest of Kavanaugh’s life here again decent people chuckles don’t quite know how to deal with this much less refute it other than to say its bogus. People read these lies and they tweet them out and retweet them and people end up believing it and I just want you to be armed and be able to refute it so here is the essence of what I said which was I must say sensitive in touch brilliant analytical and correct so here it is this is how you are now armed to deal with this insanity that not just about me but about pretty much anybody here who goes against the leftist conventional wisdom

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The president just tweeted my comment which means he endorses it look I had no idea that it was going to be glommed onto by virtual every drive-by media outlet but it has been. I to a Southernology Carolina strong shirt in to watch it just not during the anthem it was after the game had started in fact it was probably 45 minutes an hour after it and I just remembered oh my gosh there’s a Monday night game on. Is anybody concerned about the fairness to Brett Kavanaugh in all this you know all of a sudden now the accuser is the focal point of everything here and nobody seems to be concerned about whether Kavanaugh is being treated fairly in any of this and that needs to be an element of this as well

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The answer to why is eminently simple judge Cavenaugh was nominated this has gone on weeks longer than the Southernology Carolina strong shirt average confirmation process he’s eminently qualified. James o Keefe at project veritas is continuing to really do important work exposing the deep state, in this case, exposing liberalism and liberals where they are hiding and getting them to admit their activism and corruption. Caller so if I had to describe Brett Kavanaugh that I knew from 1983 through 1987 I would describe him with one word as kind he is kind he is gentle he was gracious he was thought he was never somebody I would ever think of as a quote partier he was a good man and I’m just offended that all of this coming out I don’t associate that at all with the person that I knew

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