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Well if it makes you feel any better most of us have no idea what you’re talking about! you live in your own world lady! Sucks you drown in the media and care so much about the So Sleepy Right Meow Shirt of others.  It’s sad that people have tortured her to the point where she, a grown woman has to explain herself for what she was wearing. People crave attention all the time, but they don’t realise that this is the result of achieving it. What I am concerned about is you trying to take on the world of politics.

So Sleepy Right Meow Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

So Sleepy Right Meow Hoodie


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How many famous people are Liberals blindly following the masses? Educate yourself on what Republicans stand for, and what we are trying to eliminate and clean up. Republicans are eliminating the middle class, social security, common decency and compassion. Had you opted for the So Sleepy Right Meow Shirt and scarf, there would have been fashion police insulting how you disparaged the Versace line.

So Sleepy Right Meow Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

So Sleepy Right Meow V Neck

V Neck

So Sleepy Right Meow Tanktop


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It was a no-win situation, and I love seeing you stand behind your principles. Right Wing Nut Jobs are going to spread lies and innuendo about you from now until eternity because personal attacks are what they do So Sleepy Right Meow Shirt. Ignore them. They are malicious idiots and the majority of people can see their attacks for what they are, schoolyard taunts that have no basis in fact.

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