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Watch as milly from millytime shows wendy williams how to take the perfect selfie with the help of our new glow on the go selfie light head to or an Original Daddy’s eyes mommy’s thighs Shirt e l f store to find your perfect light follow milly here. Coming to the show in lisbon tonight add your video photos tweets to our live coverage using u2eitour not going to the show share and follow the feed here. What a fantastic night agt and congratulations to grace vanderwaal so well deserved and congratulations to all of the finalists and of course a huge thank you to all of the fans who watched the show this year simon x I haven t finished yet my gratitude to our production team our sponsors and to nbc who backed this show from the beginning america s got talent see you next year simon x I am actually going to miss howie nick heidi and mel

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Original Daddy's eyes mommy's thighs Shirt Hoodie

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Introducing our honest ️ sugarfina diapers in the Original Daddy’s eyes mommy’s thighs Shirt sweetest prints yet subscribers update your bundle to get these exclusive prints before anyone else honestxsugarfina. I will never use this elf poreless face primer again this bottle gives the illusion that there is product in the whole tub after just a few weeks I went to pump some out and it seemed like it was completely out I unscrewed the bottle and it seemed like there had been nothing in there at all I then unscrewed the pump from the pink inside that had nothing in it and found the tiniest compartment that holds the primer in it this product gives the illusion that there is a lot in there when really elf is tricking their customers into buying the worlds tiniest supply of face primer in this hidden compartment shame on elf for misguiding their customers like this I will never be using your products again you re company is a sham. I tried to call friday and waited on hold for 15 min and no one answered I called this morning and waited on hold for 10 min and no one answered I tried chat and started at person 54 in line I got to number 2 and then got bumped off I started back at person number 47 and got bumped off again I am placing another call currently and have been waiting for 15 min again I am extremely disappointed at the decline in quality and customer service it has been wonderful in the past I have been ordering bundles for 5 years and I am about to completely quit I m only calling because a package of diapers was missing out of my box what else can I do to get what I paid 100 for

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Original Daddy's eyes mommy's thighs Shirt Longsleeve Tee Unisex

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I usually would never do this however after a Original Daddy’s eyes mommy’s thighs Shirt constant drama since november I am now totally fed up and furious firstly elf did not send my order on time meaning that my two orders worth over 300 were delivered to the incorrect address and I had to drive 5 hours out of my way to pick them up okay no problems I ll deal with it to then open the box of my hundreds of dollars worth of items to find that in one box several items were missing and then in the second order box more than half the items were missing after several emails back and forth they agreed to resend the items only for them to never arrive after several more emails elf agreed to refund me for my order they still are yet to refund me for the other order purchased through my partners account they have refunded 28 which is an incorrect amount considering more than half the order was missing so all is good and well I m waiting for the second half of the refund today after using the tone adjusting green primer for 1 week it is empty hmm empty you may ask to my surprise I undid the bottle to find that the bottle itself was a sham with a coloured piece of plastic inside a 4 inch bottle to make buyers believe they re getting a product when in actual fact I just paid 6 for 13ml or 0 47 ounces of product I am absolutely shocked and will never ever ever buy again from elf more trouble than they are worth I will tell anyone who will listen to never buy from you bullshit people shame on you. Diorbackstage new professional performance makeup neutral shades with professional adjustable formulas allowing you to play with colour intensity and work with every skin tone diormakeup shop the runway on dior com fb backstage tvc. Who would have thought there would be a better scent than gingerbread and pinecones check out my newest scent indi available at walgreens katy perry fragrances whatmakesyouindi

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