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Senator Lindsey Graham was on fire with the media after the hearings took their break after dr ford was finished he said summarized based on the information offered today there’s not even enough evidence to get a Love Taylor Switch shirt search warrant let alone an arrest warrant nor a conviction did I find her credible what I found was there’s no corroboration there’s not even a time or place. There are two pieces that just conveniently coincidentally have come along to help me back up and elaborate on my gut instincts one of them is a little blog post from Jim Geraghty at national review and the other is another column by the great and brilliant dr Shelby Steele whose latest piece that runs in the wall street journal is called why the left is consumed with hate. The Democrats refused to be part of the interview with the judge or any of the other four witnesses they have been interviewed by this committee the Democrats chose not to show up and are now lying to everybody about the fact they were left out of the process they were not

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So I got a Love Taylor Switch shirt email rush you sound so confident about all this in terms of the way you describe the left and what they ‘re gonna do and what they’re thinking you can’t be that confident anybody is yes I can folks look I really don’t like talking about me and I really don’t like inserting myself into situations like this where I have nothing to do with it but experience guided by intelligence this has happened to me and not just one time. It turns out that beach friends are her buddies in Santa Cruz California this woman who can’t afford to pay lawyers has a home in Santa Cruz California and a home in Palo Alto California those are two of the most highly expensive real estate areas in the country not just California if you live in Santa Cruz your buddies are beach buddies you’re beach friends Santa Cruz is the most radical left community in the country may be a smidgen and if it isn’t it is and everybody there is politically active radical left. I ‘ve never heard of women complaining about something that they hold in their hand being too big but they’re doing it about this that’s my whole point that news is out there I ‘ve been holding that news anyway I’m just saying if all of this has you frustrated and bored and you want to bring something else up you can that’s what open line Friday is all about I don’t expect much of that but if you want to you can

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I simply refuse to believe that a Love Taylor Switch shirt majority of our population has and is governed by psychological disorders that psychological disorders determine their politics I refuse to believe that not a majority. Tawana Brawley was one of the first hoaxes run by al Sharpton on which he was caught he’s run many hoaxes prior to that this one he got caught totally exposed as fraudulent Tawana Brawley was not raped she was being hidden by the Reverend Sharpton but you ‘ve got the story right raped by of cops supposedly they rubbed excrement all over her deeply humiliating experience and so forth. In an interview with the new york times Fallon unambiguously admits what the brett Kavanaugh destruction project is part of a high stakes two-step strategy to thwart trump via a former aide to Mitch McConnell headline democratic operative admits derailing Kavanaugh is really about saving the supreme court from trump its making sure that trump don’t get to confirm any of his nominees to the supreme court

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