Jesus Vibes Shirt

Jesus Vibes Shirt

There’s enough of that. I was enjoying this at first. his Jesus Vibes Shirt is social media, people post all sorts of opinions. If anyones vote is influenced only by facebook, they should not vote! I love fbook, and enjoy reading how people think!  look how this has effected our country.

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Jesus Vibes Hoodie
Jesus Vibes Sweater
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This will never apply to the spilled milk accident, nor can you say that’s water under the bridge, nor can you say “onward and upward”, nor can you say “we saw it, we acknowledge it and now we’ve fixed it”. Facebook did not do all they needed to do to protect their user’s, the country and our Jesus Vibes Shirt of security. Sorry you just failed us and now you’re trying to simply put the peeled banana back in the the banana peel.

Jesus Vibes Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

Jesus Vibes V Neck
V Neck
Jesus Vibes Tanktop
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It will never be the same. We all have our agendas. It looks like your new world order will have to wait for now. You are no different from the criminal politicians we see. You might have a lot of money, but seem to be very poor in many other things that are very important to me, ethics, responsibility, loyalty, integrity, etc… May you get everything you so deserver. Any decent person would take the Jesus Vibes Shirt you collected from the corruption facebook was involved in and do some good.

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