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I’ve always been fascinated by the history etc. Culture and so on. But this I hear lately last few years? Seems some want to once again change their history. And say basically Egyptian ppl did nothing and it was another group who did and ruled all. I have not seen factual proof of that Camping Wander Women Shirt. But! The Egyptian ppl have done all we see and know. Always wanted to go to EG and my dream came true. This is an amazing country with a great history and amazing people.

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Black or white, it doesn’t matter, their great Camping Wander Women Shirt is what’s amazing, it makes me proud as an Egyptian American. Any day , I’d rather see news about long dead mummies, then see just another day of what dumb thing came out of Trumps mouth. But that’s just it Egypt today is not the same civilisation. Just as the Greeks are the same civilisation as the ancients. Darren Lancashire what’s your point, civilizations comes & goes.

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Love the history !I want to know where and why the huge and I mean Huge book they found not long ago. That has so so so many! Cures for old diseases viruses, and ones now even! Isn’t more accessible? Why can’t public have access to the contents? Translate it over into a Camping Wander Women Shirt? Etc. It is so irritation! To know it’s so many simple cures etc and this gov esp hides them! Why???  Because of big drug companies!

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