Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt

Communism will come maybe later, when the people around the world have enough of their governments and masters and decide they can live better with governments and masters working too. And abolish masters and slaves. That Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt will come.  Graduation from a military installation is about your preparedness and commitment to that branch of service. It’s not about being rebellious for instagram likes.

Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

Butterfly American Flag Hoodie


Butterfly American Flag Sweater


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If he didn’t get that, he clearly didn’t belong there. In about 10 years, he will realize what he threw away and that no is interested in knowing why, as he sits on a bar stool or wearing an orange apron at Home Depot. Free speech doesn’t apply in any uniform. When you are the representative of a company or institution there are limits on your Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt free speech.

Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt, Ladies, V-neck, Tanktop T-shirt

Butterfly American Flag V Neck

V Neck

Butterfly American Flag Tanktop


Butterfly American Flag T Shirt

T Shirt

Try sending political messages from your work email, the result will be the same. What a waste of taxpayers money. Someone else could have benefited from this Butterfly American Flag T-Shirt four year prestigious education. It is an honor to be accepted into any military academy.

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