Black Cat Rawr Shirt

Black Cat Rawr Shirt

The problem with the motorway is the drivers who take the Black Cat Rawr Shirt. Good luck to the learners. Always seemed silly that most people’s first motorway experience is on their own with no motorway experience. Learners will obviously only be on them once confident and not far from test situations anyway, and you won’t get so many middle lane hogs and drivers not knowing what to do.

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It’s good for the learners, my first drive on the motorway was very overwhelming, but I don’t see it reducing accidents. Some drivers are still going to ‘be in a rush’ just as they are now, and we’re still going to have those one their phones or busy looking around their Black Cat Rawr Shirt and not on the road. Little added pressure to learners.

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Due to motor ways not being needed unless your planning long distances journeys it’s something you can learn on a pass plus! Or in your free time later at night when it’s dead. It’s about time!! As soon as your past your test your just allowed straight on a motorway no practise no tuition?? I’ve been driving for 16 years and never even been near a motorway as I was always too scared maybe a Black Cat Rawr Shirt lessons on it would have helped me feel a bit more confident to have at least tried.

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